About Us

Apex Fixture provides one-stop customized quality glass showcases and display fixtures, and also offers a wide range of in-stock showcases with popular designs. These luxury showcases are able to meet a wide range of display needs and are ready to ship. We have a strong and talented design team that understands our customers' needs and our skilled staff puts customer satisfaction first. We go to great lengths to ensure that a client’s project is delivered on time and under budget. Our goal is to provide a one-stop and hassle free service to our clientele to help them achieve success. 

At Apex Fixture, we utilize our exceptional manufacturing and technology capabilities along with our excellence in design and prototyping to deliver high quality glass showcases and display fixtures at the most competitive prices. Our focus is on helping our customers achieve their goals by allowing them to present their merchandise in the best way possible, resulting in enhanced traffic and sales.

Our manufacturer has been designing and producing cutting edge showcases and display products for more than 18 years.  We also have a great team of skilled and experienced associates that understand current market trends.  



We have invested heavily in cutting edge machinery and utilize SAP Enterprise Resource Planning to ensure efficiency, quality, and timeliness of customer deliveries.  We have professional production facilities that have expertise across a wide range of materials: wood, glass, acrylics, and metals. 

Our facilities can produce anywhere from simple to complex hardware, panels, and lighting components.  We can also handle projects with unique requirements that demand more specialized facilities, such as dust-free paint workshops. 

We design, manufacture, assemble, and pack products all under one roof so we are able to control the product quality, cost, and lead times to meet client satisfaction. Our goal is to provide one-stop and hassle free service to our clientele to help them achieve success.


Company Location:

275 Highpoint Avenue

Portsmouth, Rhode Island 02871





Products Manufacture in China:












 All product orders, purchases and sales are subject to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale which can be found at Terms and Conditions and are incorporated by reference.  Any contrary provisions are rejected, objectionable and void.