There is a tremendous range of types, styles, materials, orientations, and applications of showcases and display fixtures.  As a retail owner or merchandise manager, you can be overwhelmed with ensuring that you are investing in display products that will maximize your return while staying within your budget.  It is not easy to be able to best present and promote your valuable merchandise.  We provide many different types and styles of showcases such as tower, pedestal, and counter showcases, among others, that help secure and present your merchandise while impressing your customers. If you are looking for professional, high-quality display showcases and do not know where to begin, Apex Fixture is the one-stop professional showcase and display fixture manufacturer and we are here to help. 

Our manufacturer has been designing and producing cutting edge showcases and display products for more than 15 years. We have worked with numerous world-class companies and brands across a wide range of industries. Industries we serve such as below:









Choosing a Showcase

When you need to protect your expensive and valuable merchandise, you want to have confidence in a display showcase that is secure, protecting from damage and theft. Display showcases, however, are not just security tools for business owners, they also need to help present and attract customers to the merchandise by displaying the products in the best possible fashion to increase traffic and interest. High-quality showcases have one of the best Return-On-Investment when it comes to equipment for your business.

Display showcases are not meant for just retail stores such as in the jewelry, glasses/vision, or fashion and apparel industries. They are also very popular for offices, school, museums, art galleries, residential homes, public waiting areas, etc. Display showcases are great tools for presenting any type of object for display while providing protection and security. Different styles of display showcases are available for suiting different needs; some are floor standing, while others can be counter top or wall mounted. 

Floor Standing:

Floor display showcases are the most common and popular for retail stores, public areas, and residential homes. Floor standing showcases provide a greater presentation area, offer various ranges of presentation heights, and can help make an outstanding statement. Most of our floor standing showcases have features such as tempered glass, LED spotlights, adjustable shelves, locking doors, and build-in storage areas. They are available in a wide variety of different shapes and styles.


Pedestal style display showcases are excellent choices for conventions and exhibits because they help elevate the object on display making it more visible through a crowd. Most of the pedestal showcases have side track lighting or spotlights to focus attention on the displayed item. The high quality spotlights are fully adjustable to focus the direction of light to ensure that the masterpiece on display stands out. Pedestal style showcases can be made with sophisticated designs to help exhibit the individual uniqueness of a valuable item.

Wall Mount:

Wall mounted display showcases are a great way to conserve space while still showcasing your valuable merchandise. It helps utilize the space of a store to impress and attract customers. Most of the wall mount showcases feature sliding doors for quick and easy access while still maintaining security.

The Importance of Lighting:

Showcases can come with or without interior illumination lighting. Lighting in Showcases is essential because it can make the merchandise stand out and attract audience attention. Here at Apex Fixture, we specialize in providing LED interior illumination lighting options. LED lighting has become more and more popular as halogen lighting phases out of the market due to LED's more efficient power consumption, flexible colors, and brightness variability. LED is the latest trend and future demand for showcase lighting. We employ specialized colorimeters to study how LEDs play off various materials and how different temperatures of light can alter the effects and mood when viewing products.


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