Glass Tower Display Cases

What makes these glass tower display cases from Apex Fixture stand out from the competition? The high quality craftsmanship and design is simply unparalleled. 

When displaying high end products like jewelry, designer handbags or eyewear, it's essential that the quality of the display match the quality of the product. You wouldn't display a $10,000 necklace in a plastic case, right? That's where these tower display cases come in. With stainless steel construction, fully rotating functionality, and full lighting capability it is easy to fit perfectly within any store setup. Tower cases are also advantageous because they are easily maneuvered throughout any floor set up. 

Whether you are looking to simply add one of these fixtures to your current set up or looking to revamp your entire retail setting, Apex Fixture has an answer for you. Go check out our custom order process to potentially add these tower cases and many other displays to your store!